Exploring Indonesia’s Natural Beauty at the Amazing Jomblang Cave

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Jomblang Cave – Indonesia is known as one of the countries that has a variety of natural destinations or tours that you can enjoy to fill your vacation time with family or friends, your friends. Especially if you visit an area that does have a million natural charms by showing off the beauty of nature that you will not find in the city center. One of the natural attractions that becomes a favorite of tourists to visit is Jomblang Cave, which is located in Yogyakarta, Central Java Province.

Jomblang Cave is a cave located in the Pacarejo area, Semanu District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. Jomblang Cave is a cave that is very favored by adventurers, because this cave was formed due to the collapse of the land which eventually formed a vertical that produced a sinkhole or what we usually call a cave mouth shaped like a 50 meter deep well. This will really spur your adrenaline to try to visit and explore the beauty of Jomblang Cave which is rarely known by many people.

Because it is very challenging for the courage of adventurers, when you want to explore Jomblang Cave, special tools are needed to maintain and ensure the safety and security of visitors. Well, you also don’t need to worry about the completeness of your special safety equipment, because the manager of Jomblang Cave has provided complete equipment for those of you who want to explore Jomblang Cave. Not to forget you will be accompanied by a guide or gaet who will take you deeper to enjoy the natural beauty produced from Jomblang Cave.

After that, you will be amazed at the very rare and beautiful natural scenery produced from Jomblang Cave. In Jomblang Cave there are also various kinds of ancient plant vegetation that are rarely found, and by visiting Jomblang Cave, you become one of those who have seen unique and beautiful ancient plant vegetation.

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According to Matob, When you enter the hallway of Jomblang Cave, you will be presented with a beautiful view that is commonly referred to as the “light of heaven” owned by Jomblang Cave. Eits, this does not mean that the light comes from heaven, hihi. This “light of heaven” comes from natural beauty called stalagmites and stalactites. Uniquely, the beautiful scenery that you will see is formed naturally, you know!

Stalagmites are naturally formed caves that come from a collection of calcite, which is from a collection of dripping water, then a stalagmite is formed. Stalactites, on the other hand, are natural sights in the form of stones that hang beautifully on the ceiling of the cave resulting from the deposition of calcium carbonate and other minerals. This type of speleothem is very natural and beautiful. You are curious about its beauty, right? Hihi.

Not to mention the additional glare into the cave produced by the sun. Especially if the light shines on the flowstone, the situation that was pitch black will produce a glimmer of light that will make you chuckle if you see it. Now this is where the light of heaven comes from, got it, right?

Little do you need to know that there are certain times if you want to be able to see the “light of heaven” directly, this is a “golden” time that is a pity if you miss it. The best time for you to see it is around 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. At those times, the sun is shining on the mouth of Jomblang Cave, so you will get the “light of heaven” that is often uploaded by Jomblang Cave adventurers.

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Hopefully, you are one of the lucky people who can witness the “light of heaven” created by Jomblang Cave. Well, you will get the explanation when you explore the amazing Jomblang Cave, so what are you waiting for? Immediately plan your vacation moments with family, relatives to enjoy an anti-mainstream trip with us to Jomblang Cave which is one of the many natural beauties and wealth that Indonesia has.

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